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Qenqo Cusco

suite-loretoNear Sacsayhuaman and among the hundreds of temples that surrounded Cusco, some rocky outcrops are considered by the ancient tradition as extensions or visible elements of the interior of the earth; among these, Qenqo is easily distinguishable by the mysterious features that the hands of the builders conferred him. On the rock, worked this is a fascinating combination of planes, shapes, and unlikely modulations induce the viewer to abismarse in the secret content of its symbols. A recurring step leads us to sign them and spaces to set the show in the staircase sign, the three horizontal lines represented space, and between the two vertical time. The first step was related to the world in which we live and in which it is possible to transcend (kay pacha), the vertical line which warns of the time needed to meet the second step or the inner world (ukhu pacha) which is the space-time in which through dreams or death is the passage to the outside world and the channel through which communication between man and the gods who dwell in the Hanan Pacha, space set associated with the concept the cosmos, eternity, infinity, or the idea of ​​God symbolized by the third step.

Square Hotel in Cusco

hoteles en cuscoOur Hotel is located next to the main square of Cusco, Loreto Boutique formerly was the House of the Virgins of the Sun, built over 600 years ago during the Inca Empire. The Suit of Loreto Boutique Hotel offers an exquisite blend of culture and modernity that will delight you during your stay in the imperial city. Come and enjoy our services. Breakfast – Buffet, Safe in the room, Personal service  24 hours, various types of tea, including coca tea, Internet access, tour information when required, hot water 24 hrs, internet access.